Company Overview

Family Owned & Operated is a family owned and operated company with mission at its core. The company’s first initiative will focus on fashion and debut its product line “The Bim Collection” which provides stylish socks for men with large-sized feet, shoe sizes 12-20. Whether at work or play, offers must-have style, quality, and comfort to help men feel “Fit to Stand Tall.” The company donates ten percent of its profits to “Tuesday’s Children,” a non-profit founded in the aftermath of 9/11 to help families and first responders heal, recover, and thrive in the wake of a tragedy.

Standing at 6’11” and 6’9”, twin entrepreneurs from Long Island, Mike and Dan Friedman, have been reaching new heights all their lives. Growing up, the brothers stood out for their size and were commonly referred to as the “Twin Towers.” Sadly, this nickname would take on a much different meaning when Mike and Dan were 11 years old and lost their father, Andrew Friedman, in the World Trade Center attacks.

The Friedmans were overwhelmed by the unwavering support and kindness they received from their community and several amazing charities, including “Tuesday’s Children,” an organization that played a vital role in their lives after 9/11 and supports youth, families, and communities impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss. While caring for the families of nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11 was truly a “Tall Order,” people went out of their way to show The Friedmans their love and generosity.

In this spirit and by recognizing a niche in the men’s market, Mike and Dan created to offer their fellow “Tall-Stars” stylish socks for large-sized feet, while also giving back to “Tuesday’s Children,” an organization that has deeply impacted their lives. Ten percent of’s profits will be donated to “Tuesday’s Children.” officially opens for business in September 2017.

“The Bim Collection” pays homage to Mike and Dan’s father’s legacy and to the close group of friends he grew up with. As a child, their father, Andrew, and his friends would take odd weekend jobs to earn spending money. One of his first positions was at the Temple Gates of Zion, where congregants would refer to the dishwashers as “The Bimmies.” Over time, he and his friends evolved the nickname to “The Bims” to describe not just their close friendship, but to reflect the industrious work ethic of their town. In this spirit, Mike and Dan are proud to name each of their initial sock patterns after members of “The Bims.”

Unlike traditional knitted socks, socks for large-sized feet are created with 3D printing technology on high-quality fabrics to ensure a soft, comfortable fit and are designed with bold patterns and vibrant colors. These premium socks can accommodate slim to wide calves, feature a band at the top to prevent slipping, and are breathable, durable, and easy to maintain for long-lasting wear.

As new players on the fashion scene, is the brothers’ first entrepreneurial venture into the startup space. The company’s unique business model incorporates charity and fashion-forward innovation with mission and family at its core.

Mike and Dan are just one example of the many children who had their lives change drastically from the events of 9/11, but have grown up to flourish in their careers. Their individual backgrounds and experiences are vastly different, but together, they make a powerful and talented business duo.