Fashion for All Feet.

Twin brothers Mike and Dan Friedman kicked open Tall Order for business in the fall of 2017.
Standing tall at 6’11” and 6’9” respectively, Mike and Dan were often referred to as the “Twin Towers” growing up. With towering heights come large feet, and they often had trouble finding quality, stylish dress socks that fit comfortably.
As entrepreneurs, the brothers knew they needed to take the problem into their own hands (er, feet?) and create a solution. That’s why they began engineering socks for men sizes 9-20.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Sadly, Dan and Mike’s nickname became tragically ironic when they lost their beloved father, Andrew, in the World Trade Center attacks.

Only 11 years old at the time, the twins, along with their mother Lisa, took to the streets of NYC to help hand out essentials to first responders at Ground Zero—namely socks.

In the heartbreaking aftermath of 9/11, the Friedmans received overwhelming support from family, friends, and charitable organizations.
Dan and Mike became two of Tuesday’s Children, a non-profit dedicated to assisting children and families affected by terrorism and traumatic loss.


In an effort to show the family’s appreciation of its community, not only is each Tall Order sock named and designed after a close friend of Andrew Friedman’s, but also ten percent of Tall Order’s earnings is donated to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children.








Our Logo

When taking into account the inspiration behind Tall Order, the Friedman family knew they needed a strong and distinctive logo that symbolized both the sorrow of September 11th and the encouragement that they received from the love of the community.
What started as the family doodling together on paper napkins turned into real-life sketches. By subtly representing the Twin Towers within the “T” and “O” of Tall Order, the brand is able to pay tribute to those we lost, while still maintaining a strong line overhead to signify that together, we can rise above tragedy.